Singapore MBA Salaries Fifth Highest in Asia (Singapore MBA News: Nov 21 – 27)

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Rejected: Foreign MBA Applicants Face Major Hurdles (Fortune) – MBA applicants from Asia have a better chance applying to quality MBA programs in Asia as the majority of students are expected to be from Asia.

“Admission officials say there are many reasons for the discrepancy between the size of the international applicant pool and their portion of enrollment at their schools, from a need to craft more balanced and diverse classes to language difficulties that make some international students less attractive to the job market. No less important, they say, is an inability to meet the expectations of students from China and India to stay in the U.S. and gain visas to work here after graduation.”

Singapore MBA Salaries Fifth Highest in Asia (Asia One)

“The Jobs and Salary Trends Report said the average salary of MBAs in Singapore was US$82,700 (S$106,691).”

The Benefits of Studying for an MBA in Singapore Over India (Business Because)

“Nanyang alumni also reiterated the idea that when you are studying in Singapore you are studying for an international MBA not a local MBA. The Nanyang MBA has 60 cohorts from 20 different countries and is very diverse.”

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