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Applicants have also worked with Darren to successfully apply to business schools in the US and Europe, including Stanford, Wharton, Chicago Booth, INSEAD, London Business School, HEC Paris, IMD, IESE, and Oxford.

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Free consultation session – get expert feedback on your profile and candidacy from Darren.

School Packages – comprehensive assistance with your entire application.

Ala-Carte Packages – help with specific parts of your application i.e. essays, resume, interview prep.

One-Stop App Check – bulletproof your application before pressing submit

Pay as You Go – pay per hour of work, best if you have unique needs.

Touch MBA’s Admissions Edge Course – radically improve your chances without spending thousands on admissions consultants

Happy, Admitted Clients

Yiran (admitted Nanyang MBA, Class of 2025)

“I got accepted into NTU MBA! Thank you for your help in the admissions process and I’m very happy with the result!”

May (admitted NUS MSc in Finance, Class of 2025)

“Thank you so much for your feedback and comments!”

James (admitted NUS MBA, Class of 2024)

“Got into NUS!!! Huge thanks for all the help Darren, it made a huge impact. Let’s definitely reconnect before I head out there!”

Julia (admitted Oxford and Insead MBA, Class of 2023)

“Just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to both INSEAD and Oxford. In the end, I decided to go with INSEAD. Thank you for all of your help throughout this process!!”

Shihao (admitted HEC and IMD MBA, Class of 2022)

“I have some good news to share. [Admissions Director] from IMD called me 30 minutes ago, congratulating me and giving me feedback on the Assessment Day.”

Sidharth (admitted SMU MBA, Class of 2022)

“With tears in my eyes, I really cannot thank you enough for this.  Finally, I have an acceptance from SMU… The guidance you have provided to me is lie-changing. It was super important for me to get into SMU, and wouldn’t have been possible without your support…  In full honesty, I have never met a professional like you, who is so dedicated and calm. I really hope to meet you someday in person.”

Vytautas (admitted Insead MBA, Class of 2022)

“After going through all the amazing MBA material you have made available for free to MBA applications via your Touch MBA podcast, it only made sense to continue working with you since I knew exactly what I wanted to improve and was sure that you will be able to help me. I really appreciate your assistance in helping me to demonstrate my personality to the admissions team and position myself with the finest and most effective stories that I have. Thank you!”

Ludovic (admitted NUS MBA, Class of 2022)

“I wanted to let you know that NUS accepted me. Thanks for your help.”

Yvonne (admitted HKU MBA & Cass MBA w/ scholarship, Class of 2020)

“Thank you so much again for the mock interview and feedback. I can’t describe how much this has helped me. I become a little anxious and stressed when I try things out of my comfort zone.”

Harshitha (admitted HEC MBA, Class of 2020)

“This definitely helps. Thank you so much Darren!”

Ryan (admitted CEIBS MBA, Class of 2020)

“I have already been accepted by CEIBS and will join their MBA 2020 class. Thanks for checking in!”

Navneet (admitted SMU MBA, Class of 2018)

“The interview went well and they offered me admission as well!! I really want to thank you for all help and support throughout the application process!”

Jade (admitted IESE MBA, Class of 2019)

“I just received email from IESE inviting me to their Assessment Day. So the interview hurdle is considered passed! So, thanks to all your tips and advice! Especially those details I didn’t really think about… Also I’ve been a lot more relaxed knowing that it’s good not to over rehearse. Generally the interview experience was pleasant, as I was just being my true self.”

EWei (admitted SMU MBA, Class of 2017)

“Good news to share with you. I finally receive the email that I got admitted to SMU MBA. Really appreciate what you have been done to help me go through this process. Thanks again for your hard work. Looking forward to join the SMU MBA family.”

Ben (admitted London Business School, Class of 2018) (also admitted HKUST)

“Just thought I would let you know that I was successful at gaining a place at LBS!  Thanks for your assistance.”

Suet Ying (admitted London Business School, Class of 2017) (also admitted Oxford Said, HKU)

“I just got an offer from LBS today. Thanks so much for all your help and support Darren. All this would not have been possible without you.”

Qin (admitted SMU MBA, Class of 2016)

“Hey Darren,I just got admitted!! I have attached the offer letter. I was almost speechless when I heard this. My first inquiry letter to SMU was on Sept 14th and now I have an offer [Oct 8th]. I think the essays, resume and interview help really made a huge difference. Honestly, I can’t do this without your help. THANK YOU!!!!”

Francisco (admitted NUS MBA, Class of 2016)

“Yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thanks Darren!!!”

Delphine (admitted NUS MBA, Class of 2016)

“I have received an offer from NUS so I am really happy, thank you again for your training.”

Shawn (admitted HEC Paris MSc of International Finance, Class of 2016)

“I received HEC’s offer!!! OMG!!! Thank you!!!”

Phuong (admitted SMU MBA, Class of 2016)

“I was fortunate to consult with Darren during my MBA process. Not only does Darren have a very broad and comprehensive knowledge of MBA programs worldwide, he also looked at things from my perspective and tailored his advice to my own needs and situations. Darren helped me revise my essays and gave me tips on admission interviews. Thanks to all Darren’s help, I got offered to both post-graduate programs I applied to including SMU MBA with a scholarship. I highly recommend Darren to anyone who is thinking about MBA. He’s the go-to expert.”

Konstantin (admitted Stanford GSB, Class of 2015)

“Thank you again for your help with the application! I believe that it was your advice that allowed me to bring my HWS applications to such a competitive level. I would be happy to provide any kind of testimonials.”

Ranyi (admitted ESADE and ESMT MSc of Management, Class of 2015)

“I can’t wait to share this good news with you that I have been admitted in to ESADE and ESMT. Very very very excited!! Again, your help is significant especially in the interview phase. I would not secure this offer without your insightful instructions! I sincerely appreciate it!”

Nishant (admitted Chicago Booth EMBA, Class of 2015)

“It was an awesome training experience working with you.  Thank you so much for teaching me the ropes.”

Vinai (admitted to NUS MBA, Class of 2015)

“Thank you for all your advise and help, it was really helpful to get an insider perspective on Singapore MBA applications.”

Alex (admitted INSEAD Masters of Finance, Class of 2014)

“Thanks very much for the help! Think your essay edits did a very good job of covering all the bases.”

Yolanda (admitted Oxford Said MBA, Class of 2014)

“I must thank you for your service since I have gotten interviews from all schools I applied to. Without your help, I don’t think I could have even moved onto the interview stage, especially for Oxford.”

Ted (admitted Chicago Booth EMBA, Class of 2013)

“thank you for the helpful feedback on my essays.”

Yi (admitted MIT PhD in Materials Science)

“you definitely pointed out weak points that I didn’t see… thank you for your detailed suggestions, revisions and help.”

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