Interview with Sander Bogdan, SMU MBA Valedictorian – Video (Singapore MBA News: Feb 6-19)

In this week’s news, Asia’s economic growth leads to the growing clout (and value) of Asian business schools… SMU MBA’s valedictorian is interviewed about what it’s like to study in Singapore… Nanyang Business School launches a women’s club… and make sure you answer these 3 common interview questions in your application and interview.  As always, my comments are in italics.

Enter the Dragon (The Times of India) – Asia’s growth and relatively cheap tuition leads to the growing clout of Asian business schools.

“The harsh reality for the West is that the most exciting business opportunities of the next decade may emerge on the other side of the world, which raises the question whether the balance of world intellectual power may also be shifting. And the future business school of choice may not be in Massachusetts, London or Barcelona but in Shanghai, Hyderabad or Singapore.”

Interview with Sander Bogdan, SMU MBA Valedictorian (SMU MBA Website) – you can learn a lot about studying at SMU and in Singapore from this 20 minute interview.  Sander is an American who came to Singapore to get his MBA; he shares the adjustments he had to make and the unique perspective gained while studying in Singapore.   

Nanyang Business School Launches a Women’s Club (Business Because)

“Clarie Kwa co-founded the first Women in Business Club at Nanyang Business School while studying part-time for an MBA, holding down a full-time job and being a wife.

Nanyang’s MBA alumni and faculty have been very supportive. Clarie said that female alumni have been very happy to come in and speak or present at events. They’ve organized dinner dates where senior execs from top companies and private banks come to share their insight into the business world and they’ve also been involved with mentoring current MBA students.”

Top Executive Recruiters Agree There Are Only Three Key Job Interview Questions (Forbes) – MBA admissions members are looking for the same 3 criteria when reading your application and interviewing you – strengths, motivation and fit.

“The only 3 true interview questions are:

1.  Can you do the job? (strengths)
2.  Will you love the job? (motivation)
3.  Can we tolerate working with you? (fit)”

Should Aspiring Entrepreneurs Get an MBA? (Business Insider) – although most MBA programs promote the entrepreneurial learning in their programs, in the end they are most concerned with placement.  If you have short-term entrepreneurial goals post-MBA, make sure you demonstrate a track record.

“After getting an MBA from Wharton and now in the middle of doing my second start-up, I can confidently say that an MBA is not the ideal path for entrepreneurs to follow.

…All MBA programs were designed with one goal in mind.  To educate students with business skills that would make them successful within professional organizations.  All the marketing courses, finance courses, and strategy classes at an MBA school are made to help you get a job at a Fortune 500 company and rise through the ranks.  An MBA is great for someone who wants to work at an investment bank since you’ll get a detailed education on finance.  An MBA is also great for someone who wants to work at a Fortune 500 company and move up the ladder.  The degree will give you the general management skilled needed to rise to the C level suite someday.”


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  1. Hi, Fascinating Interview. I am an MBA myself and I personally think that MBA is not the ideal path for entrepreneurs to follow and the last few are absolutely on point because MBAs prepare a person to be successful in an organization.

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